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We are proud to offer a wide variety of techniques and comprehensive services to meet the needs of seniors, minors, and adult patients. Our team of professional caregivers are here for YOU. In providing personalized medical care, rehabilitative therapy and so much more.

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At Webber Chiropractic Sports Clinic, we help you identify, treat and overcome the physical limitations that are keeping you from living your best life. It's important to us that our patients can feel confident about their outcome. That's why it is so important to us for a successful treatment plan, goal, and experience from start to finish.


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    Our Clinic Satisfaction

    Personalized Treatment
    You will receive a full individualized treatment
    Comfortable Clinic
    Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & fitness center
    Licensed Therapists
    Your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists
    Practitioners Network
    We will work closely with all your health practitioners
    Experience Staff
    Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique
    Therapy Goals
    Setting goals is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome

    Meet the Team

    Mark Webber, D.C.

    Mark Webber, D.C.


    Dr. Webber has been practicing for over 25 years as a family and sports chiropractic physician. His love for chiropractic care and sports medicine is deeply rooted in his strong athletic background - including college football, track, and power lifting. Some of his specialties...

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    Michael Schultz, D.C.

    Michael Schultz, D.C.

    Dr. Schultz received his chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland, OR. Due to his own history and interest in sports he enjoys working with athletes, helping them to play at their best by treating their injuries and bringing them to optimal health. He treats all of his patients with the goal of full body health, not just pain reduction or increasing function. Dr. Schultz works to educate his patients on how to prevent future injuries, as well as how to live a healthier life. A native of Washington State, Dr. Schultz grew up on a farm in Eastern Washington. He became interested in studying to be a chiropractor through the experience of being a patient with sports injuries and also seeing how chiropractic care helped his brother recover from a serious climbing accident. The benefits and results left him wanting to learn how to help others in this same way.

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    Avery Metcalf

    Avery Metcalf

    Rehab Technician

    Avery Metcalf joined Dr. Webber in 2022. She studied Business Administration at Southeastern University while continuing her training in Rehab Therapy. Avery is certified as an x-ray technician and trained as a rehab technician. As a rehabilitation technician, Avery brings a compassionate and dedicated approach to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery and improved mobility. With a passion for improving the lives of patients, Avery utilizes a combination of technical skills and compassionate care to assist individuals in their journey towards recovery and increased independence. Avery strives to create a positive and supportive environment where patients feel empowered and motivated to reach their fullest potential.

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    Suzy Spangenberg

    Suzy Spangenberg

    Office Manager

    Suzy Spangenberg joined Dr. Webber in 2023. She has her B.S. in Biology from Cal State Fullerton. Suzy is a certified nursing assistant, medication technician, and chiropractic x-ray technician. She is a dedicated and experienced office manager with a passion for healthcare administration. With years of experience in the medical field, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Suzy oversees all administrative operations to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the office. She is responsible for handling patient inquiries, maintaining medical records, and implementing office policies and procedures. Suzy is committed to providing exceptional patient care and ensuring that each patient’s experience is positive and comfortable. She strives to create a welcoming environment where patients feel valued and respected. She is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in healthcare administration and continuously seeks opportunities for professional growth and development. On Suzy’s day off, you’ll find her skiing in the winter, on a hike in the summer, or knitting while cuddling her cats any time.

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