What our patients have to say about us.

Joe DeRobbio, President – Combat Games MMA

“I’ve known Mark Webber since 1995, where he was treating fighters at a martial arts gym where I trained. It’s nice to go to a doctor who understands athletes.

Over the years, Mark has helped me get out of pain and become functioning again via periodic adjustments.

For the past six years, Mark has also served as a ringside physician for my MMA events. He's a key player on my medical staff and takes great care of the combatants in both his pre- and post- fight exams.

Mark and his staff are great, and as a small business owner I’m confident I can refer my clients and gym members to Mark and they will be well taken care of.”

Kari Barile, World-ranked competitive Irish dancer and Riverdancer

“My family met Dr. Webber when another chiropractor referred us because of my mom’s headaches. Since I am a dancer, continuing to stay healthy and injury free are what motivates me to make appointments. The chiropractic treatments have helped me to recover from injuries faster, and they improve my all-around dance performance because I can stay loose and healthy.

Dr. Webber is amazing and so is the whole staff!”

Anne Lockmiller

“I met Mark Webber when he first started practicing chiropractic 23 years ago at the office of a well-known chiropractor in town.

I had sustained several injuries to my low back and knees, and Mark was always successful in working out the kinks. So successful, in fact, that I followed him when he opened his own practice a number of years later.

Dr. Webber’s careful and skillful adjustments have, quite honestly, been responsible for allowing me to walk straight, maintain my posture, and keep from succumbing to unhappy recurring pain.

Because of his experience competing in weight lifting and his knowledge of anatomy, he has often tutored me in home therapy exercises that greatly improved my strength. Without Mark's care, I'm quite certain I could not have participated long-term in my passions of mountain-trekking, rock-climbing, biking, gardening, and the intense physical endeavors to which I have always applied myself.

After 23 years as Dr. Webber’s patient, I can truly attest to his character. He loves his work. He greets each new day with joy. He is one of the sunniest people I have ever met. He is charismatic, kind, decent, honorable and gentle. He’s never too hurried to listen closely and lend educated suggestions. In general, he cultivates wonderful doctor-patient relationships with those who seek his care. His nature and professionalism enrich the well-being of his patients.

Mark is the golden standard of skill in his field. I highly recommend his chiropractic care. After all, I have consistently sought them out for 23 years! ”

Jessica Hopkins, Seattle Mist Legends Football League

“I’m a player for the Seattle Mist Legends Football League and met Dr. Webber when he became our team chiropractor. Having never been to a chiropractor before, I just assumed he did adjustments on the back and neck. Little did I know he can actually adjust just about any joint in the body.

Dr. Webber has helped me with numerous problems from my hips being out of alignment to plantar fasciitis to adjusting my wrist, knees and ankles when things get banged up from practices and games.

During my off season/pre-season times, I mainly see Dr. Webber for maintenance and prevention. My low back still gets tight from time to time as well as my neck so when I feel like something is off he can always find the source of the problem, and I walk out feeling 100 times better. He has also provided X-rays when needed and referred me out for MRI's when a more serious injury was in question.

I love going to Dr. Webber, and I always feel better and a little taller when I walk out the door.

Dr. Webber is amazing and so is the whole staff!”

Kadi Findling, Seattle Mist Legends Football League

“Playing for the Seattle Mist football team, I need to stay mobile and pain free. I met Dr. Webber when he offered his services to the team.

In college, while playing softball I pinched a nerve in my back which has carried over into my daily activities including work, working out, football, and even sleep. My hips used to set too far forward (causing the pinching) and now because of my visits to Dr. Webber my hips are more straight which has helped me lead a more pain-free life.

Dr.Webber has really improved my posture, my hip and lower back mobility, as well as the overall betterment of my back. Thanks to Dr. Webber I have never been this mobile in all the sports I have played.

Dr. Webber is a great guy who truly cares about his patients.”